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November 19, 2017
Watch Brett Blumfield's Show

-- The ‘real’ actors who played the Zoobles

were interviewed on Brett Blumfield's Show and fans asked them questions about Zoobilee Zoo. YOU CAN catch their interview here OH Pawpets

September 22, 2016:

Happy Birthday

September 22nd is Zoobilee Zoo's 30th Anniversary of the debut broadcast, in 1986! In honor of this zooberiffic date, the original Zoobles have put together an animated Demo using their voices, including Ben Vereen as 'Mayor Ben'!
Here’s the magic link to the first ZOOBILEE ZOO ANIMATED DEMO #Zoolympics

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SIGN THE PETITION to Bring back Zoobilee Zoo!

Bring back Zoobilee Zoo as an animated series with the original Zoobles!

ZoobileeZoo.com is the home of ZOOBILEE ZOO, the Emmy Award-winning television series that is endorsed by the American Federation of Teachers and recommended by the National Education Association. BRB Productions, DIC Enterprises and Hallmark Properties created the original 65 (live-action) x 30 minute episodes which aired in 1986-87 and ran in syndication until 2001...sign here

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What's New:
Like our new Twitter Account just for @Zoobaroos!

(fans of Zoobilee Zoo)!

Zooble-o, Zoobaroos! Welcome to the official Twitter account for Zoobaroos, fans of the 1980s children's TV series, Zoobilee Zoo!...read more

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August 26, 2016
The San Diego Chicken Heads Into A Sunset

Ted Giannoulas has spent more than 40 years as the man behind arguably the most famous mascot in sports. But he staves off the future, one night at a time.

DES MOINES — Ted Giannoulas’s arrival was delayed four-plus hours some of his luggage had not arrived. Now, in a brightly lit, empty drive-through restaurant outside of downtown, he savored a double burger as closing time neared. It was a late Sunday night in early August...read more

Schwartz interview with Christopher Annino

July 13, 2016:

Gary Schwartz Interview with Christopher Annino

Rescue 911 Christopher Annino Interviews Actor/Mime/Voice Talent Gary Schwartz....read more

The Lost Magic of Zoobilee Zoo

May 19, 2016:
The Lost Magic of 'Zoobilee Zoo'

Zoobilee Zoo was originally a joint project between Hallmark and Mattel.

Zoobilee Zoo was originally a joint project between Hallmark and Mattel. When Mattel bowed out, children’s distributor DIC was brought on board. Binder’s production company was responsible for delivering 65 half-hour episodes, all of them to be completed in the spring and summer of 1985...read more

group pic of zoobilee zoo characters

June 15, 2014:

Zoobilee Zoo at Wikipedia

Zoobilee Zoo was a children's TV series that aired in the 1980s and 1990s revolving around the daily antics of a group of anthropomorphic animals, known as "Zoobles". The human actors wore costumes that made them appear more like their signature animal, though not technically fursuits, as instead of masks, the actors wore wigs, facepaint and latex facial appliances to match their costume...read more

the ellen degeneres show

May 23, 2014:
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen replaced Whazzat's head with her own for #ThrowbackThursday.
121K likes...read more

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September 4, 2013 at 4:17pm EDT:
Why Zoobilee Zoo Was A Brilliant Show

Magic and wonder are waiting for you!

The show premiered in 1986 and depicted the lives of seven animals living in a zoo. Every character had their own quirks and special talents, which made it fun to watch and relatable for little kiddies...read more

March 21, 2013 at 4:45 PM: Zoobilee Zoo Reunion

zoobilee zoo group pic

Ben Vereen Is Totally Down for a Zoobilee Zoo Reunion

Last night at the opening of Broadway show Breakfast at Tiffany's, most people were thinking about Holly Golightly. Not Vulture, though. We were thinking about Zoobilee Zoo, the eighties children's television show about artistically inclined anthropomorphic creatures. We asked Ben Vereen - who played the leopard mayor on the series - if he'd ever consider doing a reunion, and he was enthusiastic. "Yes!" he told us. "You're the first to talk to me about it. You're a Zoobaroo! You're a Zoobaroo!" he said. (That's the term Mayor Ben had used to welcome viewers to the show.) "I would want everyone in the cast to come back together and talk to the children, talk with them, entertain them, yes."...read more

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