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ZoobileeZoo.com is the home of ZOOBILEE ZOO, the Emmy Award-winning television series that is endorsed by the American Federation of Teachers and recommended by the National Education Association. BRB Productions, DIC Enterprises and Hallmark Properties created the original 65 (live-action) x 30 minute episodes which aired in 1986-87 and ran in syndication until 2001.

Zoobilee Zoo is a fantasy-place, filled with magic, wonder, adventure and fun. The inhabitants of Zoobilee Zoo are the Zoobles, who are seven colorful, loveable characters with personalities and attributes that captivate and delight their young viewers.

Each episode focuses on the Zoobles encountering difficulties that are typical to young children. With just the right amount of silliness and inspiration, the Zoobles always learn a moral lesson about dealing with such problems.

Each Zooble has a certain characteristic that gives them a unique viewpoint to each problem that they encounter, such as being apprehensive about going to the doctor, or losing their first tooth. Bravo Fox is a showman and encourages the talents of dramatic performance, Talkatoo Cockatoo delights in reading and writing, Van Go Lion appreciates art and painting, Whazzat Kangaroo loves to play music and to dance, Lookout Bear enjoys going on adventures, and Bill Der Beaver likes to invent things. Mayor Ben, who usually appears at the beginnings and ends of each episode, calls the fans and viewers at home, the 'Zoobaroos'.

Starring: Ben Vereen (as Mayor Ben), Sandey Grinn (as Bill Der Beaver), Forrest Gardner (as Van Go Lion), Karen Hartman (as Talkatoo Cockatoo), Michael B. Moynahan (as Lookout Bear), Gary Schwartz (as Bravo Fox) and Stevie Louise Vallance (as Whazzat Kangaroo).

The show was broadcast on several television channels including: Public Broadcasting Stations, The Learning Channel, and the Hallmark Channel. The 65 episodes were shown continuously for 15 years, on a variety of Broadcast cable channels. Based on the Hallmark (Kansas City) Hands-on experience activity, this pre-school series has been the recipient of every television and educational award possible, i.e. Daytime Emmy Award, Achievement in Children's Television Award, Advancement of Learning Through Broadcast Award, National Education Association, etc.

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