Zoobilee Zoo Playlist:

Season 1, Episode 52 "Attack of the Giant Potatoes"

Is it just Lookout's movie or are the Giant Potatoes really taking over the world? Whazzat and Bravo struggle with this question as their friends seem to be vanishing from Zoobilee Zoo.

Season 1, Episode 54 "Simon and Leprechaun"

The Zoobles do their best to entertain a homesick weeping willow tree until some old rhymin' friends from the Land of Rhymes can arrive to make things right.

Season 1, Episode 56 "Smart Dummy"

Talkatoo has doubts about her dancing ability. She enters a dance marathon to prove something to herself.

Season 1, Episode 57 "The Zoobadoobas"

Van Go becomes a rock star and learns a valuable lesson about friendship when he is forced to choose between a new glamorous life and his friends in Zoobilee Zoo.

Season 1, Episode 63 "Surprise, Surprise"

The gang plans a very special surprise party for Van Go's birthday!

Season 1, Episode 64 "Bravo's Party"

It is the first anniversary of Bravo's theater, and the gang throws a party to remembers all their good times.

Season 1, Episode 65 "Piano Man Bill"

Bill dreams he's a concert musician, but he learns that being pianist takes a lot of practice and hard work.

Season 1, Episode 59 "Without a Sound"

A young Zooble who can't hear teaches the gang about sign language and friendship.